Gourmet menu

35 €

Egg casserole with duck foie gras and its mussels

or Choux garni, carrot cumin and parsley snails

or Plate of 6 Oysters n°3 from our Breton coast

or Cream of asparagus soup and gravlax salmon rosette

Sirloin steak of French beef,

with Bleu d'Auvergne sauce or beurre maître d'hôtel

Or Skate wing, coconut curry sauce and black rice congee

Or Veal fillet cooked at low temperature,

 fermented pepper sauce

Or Marmite Sarthoise, cabbage and carrot embeurrée

French toast with salted butter caramel and vanilla ice cream

Or Calaisian apple turnover with cinnamon ice cream

Or Norwegian omelette with vanilla

Or Tulip, pistachio ice cream and fresh strawberries

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