Starters and main courses

Starters :

Mimosa of asparagus 8.20

Traditional rillettes with croutons 8.50

Salmon quiche à la Florentine 8.50

Egg casserole with duck foie gras and its mussels 13.50

Cabbage with carrot and cumin and parsley snails 13.50

Plates of 6 oysters from our Breton coasts 15.20

Cream of asparagus soup and gravlax salmon rosette 15.50

The Dishes :

Pork escalope, cider sauce 12.50

Back of saithe, creamy fish stock 12.80

Brochette of poultry with lemon thyme 13.80

Sirloin of French beef

 with Bleu d'Auvergne sauce or butter 18.00€

Wing of skate, curry coconut sauce with black rice 18.50€

Marmite Sarthoise with cabbage and carrots 18.50

Fillet of veal cooked in low temperature,

                                               fermented pepper sauce 22.50

Cheeses :                

Fromage Blanc de Trôo plain 5.50              

Plate of local cheese 5.80

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