Starters and main courses

Starters :

Traditional Sarthoises rillettes with toast 7.80€.

Grilled mackerel fillets, warm potatoes with herbs and Meaux mustard 9.20

Salad of duck aiguillettes with raspberry vinegar 9.20

Duck foie gras, onion confit and brioche toast 13.00

Gratin of ravioli with Maine snails and crayfish à la Clamart 13.50

Plate of 6 oysters and its condiments 9.50

Plate of 9 oysters and its condiments 13.50

Dishes :

Cod steak, vegetable juice with carrots and cumin 15.20

Mignon of pork, Orloff style 15.80

Sirloin of French beef with shallot sauce or butter 16.50

Calf sweetbread, strong juice and its forestry crisp 22.50

Trilogy of fish, Thai broth and crunchy vegetables 22.50

Fillet of beef, creamy morel mushrooms 23.50

* Dishes served only from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime

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