Burgers - palettes - tartars

De 15.50€ à 20.50€


The Classic: €15.50

Sesame brioche bun, beef, red onion pickles, Dutch cheese, tomato, salad, gherkin

Le Végétarien: €16.50

Beetroot bread, vegetable tortilla, potato rösti, herb fromage blanc, gouda, salad and tomato

Le Chicken : 17€

Brioche bread, poultry, fried onion confit, goat's cheese, honey, salad and tomato

The Norwegian: €18

Brioche bun, salmon escalope, potato waffle, pesto cheese, herb fromage blanc, salad, tomato

The Palettes

La Fromagère: €17

Warm goat's cheese toast, petit Trôo fondant, Roquefort cream aumônière, fromage blanc with herbs, chips and salad

L'Océane: €19.50

Grilled prawns, scallops, smoked salmon, fromage blanc with herbs, chips and salad

La Bouchère: €20.50

Grilled beef steak, veal mignon, thinly sliced poultry, chips, salad and vegetables, pepper sauce

Beef tartar

With knife and condiments, chips and salad: €18.50

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